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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Throw Up Thirteen


Thirteen Different Ways to Say VOMIT

You know your kids have a loose valve somewhere when you're woken up by the sound of vomit hitting the carpet and your first thought is, "Oh honey, they're playing our song!" (Sadly, I'm not making this up, it just happened at about 3:30 am. Scary.)

So, since we've finished preliminary clean up and gotten Maya situated and using a trash can instead, (with Sage appearing ready to take over where she left off) I thought I'd take some time to post my 13. I figured today would be a good day for euphemisms for the act of throwing up, many of the more colorful ones were found here.

1. Puke
2. Barf
3. Hurl
4. Toss your Cookies
5. Ralph
6. 3-D Burp
7. Doing the Dinner Catch and Release
8. Downloading a Meal
9. Worshipping the Porcelain God
10. Reviewing Today's Menu
11. Round Trip Meal Ticket
12. The Technicolor Yawn
13. Yodeling in the Porcelain Canyon

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Due to the fact that it's looking very likely that I'll spend the day doing follow up on at least one kid's dinner, I may not get back to your comments right away. But, do leave them and I'll get back in the next couple of days! I'd better get back upstairs before the action starts back up, if my spidey sense, honed by years of Horde Vomit experience, is correct, we're only in the eye of the hurricane...

Goodness! I was up at 4am, so glad mine wasn't from puking. You forgot drowning the rats.

My TT is up!
Ooo, ick. We haven't dealt with that in a while. Mine is up: 13 Tips for Reading with Children
Ewww! Sorry for your sickies hope they get better soon! Very Interesting List! LOL
My T13 is up! I hope you have a terrific Thursday!
I was wondering if you'd have technicolor yawn on there. You forgot good ole "Upchuck"
Nice one! It's funny how there can be so many different ways to say things.

My T13 is up if you'd like to stop by! :)
My husband would vomit just reading this. His gag reflex is just that bad. lol.
Wouldn't that be "uploading" a meal??

Hope everyone feels better soon.

My TT is up
Ha! Reviewing todays menu. :) I hope everyone is feeling better.
Wow, what some great phrases! And I hope your kids haven't caught the 24 hour flu bug. We had it a few months ago and it was so bad that we couldn't even keep water down! So, good luck!
Next week I think you should do all the words for "fart." I just heard a new one recently. "Who stepped on a frog?!"

Mine are open for business.
Interesting. I hadn't heard of half of those! But we tend to not talk about Ralphing.
awww I hope maya and sage are feeling better. I knew some of these phrases but not all of them.

My list is up. Take-care of yourself...
oh, wow. Sorry your's is sick.

My TT is up
Well. I never realized that there were even 13 ways (in the English language) to convey the word "vomit". Very interesting list.
Round trip meal ticket...yum!
Hope today is better for you.
this was my place last week. hope they feel better.
That was
My TT is up
Ewww! I'm so glad I'm not in your house today. I so don't do well with vomit. I make my husband take care of that. ;) I hope the kids are feeling better soon.
OMG I am cracking UP at Technicolor Yawn. That is freaken hysterical! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Hope the kids feel better soon, Jen! That's the worst.
oh that is too funny. next migraine, i'll try to remember this and smile. :)

i've posted 13 too at
next time I'm pregnant I'll be sure and reference this list!
One of our favorites is ahem "Driving the white Buick", but I've always like "spew" as well.

Good luck with the upchuck. HA!

Get well soon.
Sorry to hear about your GI bug woes. I hope the kids feel better soon.
I didn't feel too good after reading that!
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