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Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, that's half right...

I was looking through some photos and I found this one of Tiernan, my 9 and a half pound boy, fresh from the womb on his first day.


The photo reminded me of the girls' reaction to him. After 3 girls, having a boy was pretty mind-blowing. So much so that they apparently actually forgot his name... the first guest to come see him was greeted by Anya (then 6) saying,
We have a new baby,
his name is JAMAL, and he has a PENIS!!!

where did she get that name from?

I like that shirt too, it's from Kohls...which reminds me, I need to go & pay them before they charge me another $25 for being late. YIKES!
That's so cute! And what a doll he is!
Jamal? Tiernan? How did she ever come up with that? Very cute!

I'm looking at Tiernan's head, and my nether regions are aching. Courtney was 8lb. 2 oz., and I remember that birthing that head of hers was quite a feat!

I LOVE babies so much. Thanks for posting his darling photo.
Beautiful baby! lol, kids do say the darndest things.
I can't imagine giving birth to a 9 1/2 pound baby! Ouch! My daughter was only 6 lbs.
That's a wonderful picture, Jen.
Beautiful baby photo. They're so sweet at that age.

BTW where in the world did Anya get Jamal out of Tiernan?
LOL, Jamal huh?! I think you were wise to stick with "Tiernan"...

Very cute picture... (don't they grow fast??)
I thought of you today! We went to the Will Rogers Museum. Everywhere were naturally pictures, statues, etc. of him. In 90% of them he was wearing chaps...and you know with chaps you can see the pants also. Ethan thought it was HILARIOUS that his chaps only covered part of him and for the rest of the tour would yell out "Look!! There's weiner man!!!"

My home-grown girls were all over 9 pounds too. My oldest (9# 6 ozs at birth) has multiple heart defects which required her placement in the NICU upon her arrival. All the other parents glared at us when we came to visit because she was so BIG and strong-looking. Like it was our fault our jumbo mama was in the NICU with their scrawny spawn.

Jamal, huh? Interesting...
How sweet. I also have 3 girls and my youngest is a boy. So, we've got something in common.
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