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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who wanted to get out of bed today?

Not me! But, I think that was the Nyquil more than anything. I think I'm OK now, well, except for the cold, which is why I needed the Nyquil, but that was probably obvious.

But, I've never been a morning person, and by morning I mean "any time before noon." I remember visiting my Grandma and Grandpa P. when I was a teenager over my summer breaks. I would sleep until 1 or 2 pm, and Grandma would be so angry with me! She'd say, "You've WASTED half your day!" Hmmm, first of all, sleep is never a waste of time, if you ask me. Plus, I knew I'd be up until 4 am or so, so I still had plenty of "day" left.

So, if left to my own devices, I think I'd be nocturnal. Like a vampire without the bloodsucking or the undead part. Well, I guess the undead part is still up for grabs, we won't know for sure that I'm not immortal until I'm dead for real, right? So, I'm a nocturnal, possibly undead, non-hemovore, does that make sense?

Maybe the Nyquil hasn't really worn off as much as I'd thought? I'm going to go now...

Not me either! Working really cramps my sleeping style. I'm noctournal too. Strangely, the only place I ever wanted to get up early was my never wanted to miss breakfast there, and they didn't "save" you any.
LMAO - I would be a possible undead too. Weekends my husband is up by 7 a.m. and it drives him nuts that I don't get up until 9. Hello it's Saturday!

When I was in highschool being homeschooled and all, I would get up and get my work done, then take a nice afternoon nap EVERYDAY! My mom hated it, but hey my work was done. LOL
I like to get out of bed and get my monet's worth from the day.
I used to sleep till 1-2pm on Saturdays too! I loved it!!! Now that I have a four year old, I'm lucky to sleep in till 9am on Saturday. Man, I can't wait till he is a teenager and wants to sleep in on the weekend!
Nocturnal, possibly undead, non-hemovore... uh huh. I'd say you were hitting that Nyquil pretty hard ;-). The perils of posting under the influence.
That Nyquil sticks with you for a good long time - that's for sure! It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Let's see if blogger likes me today.
I'm right there with you Jen. I would rather be in bed...but then why am I up at this hour? Because I went to bed with a headache & my leg is going crazy.
On a normal day I would be sleeping in until 12ish. Too bad the rest of the world wants to get up with the sun...what's up with that?

Things would be so much better if you ruled the world, Jen!
Man, that is the longest piece of spam I've ever seen!

As for the nocturnal thing, yeah, I'm right there with you. If I could sleep until 1 p.m. every day, I would.

I'd be interested in your opinion on a question I posed here.
Yikes, you're right, that's some serious spam. Getting rid of it now than I'll be right over...
I tend to get up around 8 ish on the weekends. I much prefer the early afternoon naps with my sweetie.
LOL, Jen, you sound just like me. If left to myself, I stay up all night and sleep until noon.

Hope the cold is getting better.
You made me make rude noises with my nose. I guess it wouldn't be so funny if I couldn't relate.
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