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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cool website!

My Dad passed this to me in an email. As much as I wish my Dad kept a blog, alas he does not. So, hat tip to Dad anyway, even though I can't link to him... :-)

Do you stink at drawing? I do! But Drawspace has itty bitty baby steps to learn the different methods and skills needed to be able to produce a masterpiece, or at least something that's close enough that people can tell... And, as you complete the lessons, you can upload them into the gallery and get feedback to help with future attempts.

I think I may start printing this stuff out and having the kids try it, I think they'd like it.

So long, I'm off to doodle!


I can barely draw a happy face. I'm doomed.
This is a great site. It makes me want to draw again.
I have no artistic talent and I want to some! Thanks so much for posting. My kids and I are gonna love IT!
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