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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I want this house!

This is a cool song and all, but I was actually thinking more about the video. Today I had unexpected guests, and I just let them into my home and apologized over and over for the mess the place was in. I found myself wishing that I could just push a button and flip the house over and expose the other (hopefully clean) parts. I don't need to flip a party in or whatever, just to instantly have the coffee table fold into the floor and then pop up a new, clean one. Ditto for everything else.

I don't care how much it costs, when they put a house like this on the market I will be first in line!

If this won't work for you, you can see it here.

Comments: house. But do the half-naked chicks have to come with it?
Tell mum that our verion comes with half naked Barbies. hee hee

That would be so a murphy bed, only the couch & chairs etc...

I think part of your problem is the way your house is layed out. I just don't allow DD to go into the living room, so other than dust it stays clean and I can let guests go in there to the illusion of a clean house. Of course if they need to use the restroom, I'm in trouble. ;o)
That's why I try to keep my living room clean. It's the first room you go into in my home, so I have to keep it picked up...unlike the rest of the house!
We spent half the morning Sunday cleaning. And the house feels so much nicer! The kids had jobs, which they completed (mostly to my satisfaction), and I was soooo happy to see my kitchen clutter-free! Sadly, a lot of it moved to the office...
I don't know, we'd never be able to find anything (which flipping table did the hairbrush get left on?). Plus the kids would fight over who got to control which sofa flipped out (where is your brother? Did you flip him into the wall?)

(Isn't it nice that I'm posting! Any way to go on the cool You Tube embedded media control thing too!)
I want that house too - especially if it comes with Rob Thomas, lol.
Have you seen the show Eureka on Sci-Fi, it's on Tuesdays at 9
he has a smart house, you say, house (his house is named susan) bed, and the bed comes out, or susan water and the fridge comes around and has cold water. Even the bathroom is uber cool
boy, this was making me dizzy. I've often wondered how it would be to have a house that cleans itself!
Breaking the laws of physics is always fun to speculate about ;-)
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