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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's been a year.

Bells toll 1 year after Katrina hit

Nearly 1,600 people died just in Louisiana and another 231 were killed in Mississippi, while the rest of the nation watched in horror as survivors begged to be rescued from rooftops and freeway overpasses. Forty-nine bodies remain unidentified in a Louisiana morgue.

The reminders of the destruction — and how far the city still has to go — are everywhere.

White trailers still line driveways in neighborhoods where piles of debris and unchecked weeds have overtaken abandoned houses. Only half the population has returned. Emergency medical care is doled out in an abandoned department store, while six of New Orleans' nine hospitals remain closed. Only 54 of 128 public schools are expected to open this fall.
What a mess, still! What can we do to get the Gulf Coast back to normal? I don't know the answer...

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At a loss. We watched some of the coverage last night and I was disturbed by a few things...

1) the news reporters never seemed to help any...just report. I told DH that helping might not have been in their job description as a reporter...but it's in their job description as a Human!

2) they kept showing the "suffering" of the reporters. Shots of the reporters wiping the sweat off or fluffing their shirts because they were so hot. Big bloody deal you've got it 1000% better than these people who live there!

3) again they kept showing the bodies and even as one man died. How sick are these folks?
So sad. I can't imgaine that the devastated areas will rebuild to what they once were...but then again, people probably never expected Galveston to rebuild either.

And since Renee brought it of the things that bothers me most about reporters is how they have to get right into the face of tragedy and ask questions. I watched them interview a man who's wife was swept away and they asked him how he felt. WELL HOW DO YOU THINK HE FELT?!
While I understand that everyone wants it all to just go back to normal. The fact is that this devastation will take years to fix. Remember the 5-yr report on Hurricane Andrew? That wasn't even as powerful. It will take time. There just aren't the hands, and even if there were, the labor takes time. But I have no doubt that those who are determined will find a way. The answer isn't from the government level. It's neighbor helping neighbor. Then they will knit together and have the support system in place should this happen again.
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