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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's a "nothing much" kind of day...

Just hanging out and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the DNA to come back in the Ramsey case.

There are a lot of interesting theories flying around the JonBenet Ramsey board at Websleuths. Some of them are absolutely convinced that John Mark Karr did it, and others are equally convinced that he didn't. It's a good way to pass the time...

What do you all think?


I hadn't been paying too much attention really. I figure until the DNA comes in that everything is speculation and why do that?

Part of me really wishes this was over.

But if this guy did do it...and he did leave the ransome note, how did he know about the bonus to request that amount?
I kinda hope he did, so the family can have some closure. But I also wonder if the guy is just obsessed.
I wonder if they have some information that he might have done it if they are announcing it? Surely the police wouldn't make it public unless he knew something about the circumstances that nobody else would...
I won't start my rant again... ROFL

I heard today a tape that is "supposed" to be him confessing 5 years after the, whatever. Everyone knew the details by then.

I want it to be over. I'm so sick of it already!
Either way, that guy is a freak!
I think the guy is an absolute freak. He has definitely molested children. But I think with all the contact he's had with the Ramsey lawyer and the journalism professor, he is going to know way more than the average Joe. If the DNA matches, I'm going to be surprised.
Like I've said from the beginning, I will believe it when I see proof.
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