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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Picking up my jaw...

Man arrested in death of JonBenet Ramsey

I was never a Ramsey hater, but to be totally truthful, I didn't really expect this, either. I hope they sort this out soon!

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I have to say when they announced on the news that they arrested someone in her death I looked over at Mike and said "Are you kidding me?" I never thought they'd solve it. Too bad Patsy died before she could finally be proven innocent.
I still have my doubts about whether this will be truly "solved".
I don't know. I still have doubts. Until he confesses, and there is no money exchanged, I might believe it.
I am unfamiliar with this case but then I am with other cases too.

Jen, on a lighter note, I wanted to let you know that this Friday will be a special Blog Anniversary party at my blog. I hope you can make it. If you are able, you might like to write a post about the band in honor of the occasion. See my blog for more details.(SCROLL)
I can't believe they may have finally solved this case! Can you imagine what the family had to go through all these years?
Saw the video on CNN this morning...confessing. She would have been 16. My only wish is that she will eventually be able to rest in peace.
I'll believe it when I see some physical evidence. Loons confess to crimes all the time. Time will tell.
This was one of the biggest mysteries ever!
Let's see...his own ex-wife Lara says he was home with them in Alabama the day of the murder...his father says he became obsessed with the case after writing a paper in college and that he is also obsessed with the Klass murder...the suspect claims it was an accident, but it was a sharp blow to the back of the head with a flashlight that killed her...Lin Wood, the family's attorney, is the one that has been in contact with the suspect over the last year and don't tell me the lawyer didn't LEAD him, especially after the death of Patsy when the lawyer wanted to exonerate her (read the article...he states he wishes Patsy could hear herself exonerated)....There's no evidence he's even been IN colorado...

Sorry, I don't buy it. I'll buy it if the DNA evidence under Jon-Benets nails matches his DNA.
I haven't done the digging that Mum did, but it seemed "fishy" that he claimed it was an accident that she died, but yet she was strangled with wire??? How do you accidently strangle someone?
I didn't say I believed him, necessarily. I just thought that everyone had sort of given up because of all the messups made by law enforcement in the beginning. I was shocked that there will still be anything to go on...
The family lawyer is the one keeping the investigation going. He has been in conversation with the guy, then turned over the "evidence" to the police. In his quest to exonerate Patsy, I think he's crossed some lines.

JMO! ;)

Oh, and Jen, I didn't think you believed him LOL It's just amazing how many people I've heard saying, "oh now people have to apologize now that the TRUE killer is in custody" before the evidence is even presented.
I was surprised to read that today too, as we were traveling home. Funnily enough, I thought of you.

BTW, I gave Death in Grand Canyon to our friends who watched our dog while we were at Mammoth Cave. They were so excited! That was a reaction I didn't expect! They'd seen it at the bookshop in Grand Canyon and decided not to get it. Now they can explore it to their hearts' delight.
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