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Monday, August 07, 2006

Random Thought I Had Today

You know how in the old Tarzan movies, Tarzan's son was named "Boy?" I can understand why Tarzan, with his limited English, could name a boy "Boy," but what I wonder is why did Jane go along with that? Wasn't she a well-educated society girl in England? And, what were they going to do if they had another son?

That's all.

I used to have a neighbor who lived across the street from where I grew up. His name was "Boy". I'm not kidding! LOL!
I had a friend growing up who had a big dog named "Puppy." Apparently they didn't give it a name in time and that's all he would answer to.

I thought I'd heard it all, but I've never known anyone named "Boy." Did he turn out well-adjusted?
I always wonder why all the people in ancient Rome have English accents in the movies. I had never thought about the Boy thing before - good question!
What I don't get is he could get a name for Cheeta, but not a boy name. 2nd kid - 2nd boy if it's a girl female
I guess they'd name him something else, as when the Berenstain Bears had a second girl cub (following "Brother" and "Sister") and they named her "Honey".

My great-uncle, who does have a real name, has the nickname "Son". Now you have to understand how this is pronounced. I can't even do it justice. My people on that side are from far south Texas, so they have a real twang going plus, when they say the word, "Son", it comes from deep in the throat, with a very distinct emphasis. It makes you sound like you're cussing the poor man out when you just use his name.

And he's gone by "Son" his whole life. My father calls him "Uncle Son". Go figure!

Thanks for the Who correction...see, my brain is GONE. And I didn't even do heavy drugs.
I don't get why he named the chimp, cheetah. That whole story was weird!
Maybe he would be like George Forman and name them all Boy. When it's time for dinner you only have to yell one name.

And Jane must have been too lustdrunk.
Hey, when you got a guy with abs like that, you'll do just about anything!
Jane was actually an American Heiress. In some of the movies, the son was known as Jack -- the name he was given in the books. Cheeta was not in any of the books -- Cheeta is pure hollywood. There was a monkey in the novels. The monkey was named Nkima. Nkima did most of the things Cheeta does in the movies, so I suspect we went from monkey to chimp just because chimps are easier to train and handle. In the books, of course, Tarzan was an English Lord and spoke English quite well. He also spoke French. Any Questions?
This was one of those age-old discrepancies that made me dislike Tarzan movies. I always thought Jane should have asserted herself more.
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