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Sunday, August 27, 2006

We're back!

We were off camping this weekend. It was GREAT! The weather was a little rainy, but with our RIGHTEOUS new tent, we were high and dry the whole time.

The pit toilets at the campground left much to be desired, however. Even after changing diapers for over 10 years straight, I still found these conditions apalling. Do you know how hard it is to pee when you're trying NOT to throw up? If you've never had this experience (and I hope you haven't) suffice it to say that it's practically impossible. So, for our next trip, I think I'm going to pick up one of these babies and skip the "sh!t pit" altogether...

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Glad to hear you are back safe and sound! The tent looks great and I can hardly wait to hear your experience with the toilet on the next trip - please keep us posted:-)
Have a lovely weeek ahead!
Hey I saw a bring your own potty that looks more like a 5 gal bucket...the lid has a place to hold your paper and it has a nice seat on it...all for $15...
Glad to hear you're ok; I'll avoid the toilet story!
sounds like lots of fun, except the toilet. I hate nasty pit holes.

I would for sure be picking up on of those you can pack yourself. In fact, I might have to pick one up myself. What a great invention.
I def wouldn't be able to handle going to the bathroom while having to throw up...esp since I'm prego!
Emergency Essentials also has those 5-gallon porta privys. But they also have a tent-like stall you can put up around it.
I am buying both of those items! LOVE IT!
Glad you had fun.

About the portable certainly sounds like it's worth the money.
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