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Saturday, September 09, 2006


My vacuum cleaner is broken! I've pulled the family room apart in order to vacuum everywhere, and I have people coming over in 20 minutes.

Calgon, take me away!


Get off the computer and get to work picking up lint and debris off the carpet by hand.

Good luck!!
Hmm..I was thinking one of those lint rollers (sticky tape kind) might work :-S

I'm sorry! If you were close, you could borrow mine!
I'm reading this at 9:30, so I'm sure your crisis is resolved in some sort by now. I would have rushed you my vacuume, but it would have taken me the time that your guests were arriving to get it to you.
Panic stations!!
I do hope your gest had a great time anyway. In Norway we say: "Better with some dust in the corners than a clean hell".
Have a great week ahead:-)
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