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Friday, September 01, 2006


I saw this over at MFH, and it seems like the perfect photo to post on a lazy Friday...



Thanks for the laugh!
okay then...

Hey, how do I make a post where readers have to click on something to see the rest of it? Thanks!
HA! That's funny!
Thanks for your help with the post. Love ya!

Auditions at Wendy's
Where did you find that? It's too funny!
You always find the coolest stuff to post here... I love it!
oh i don't know, i happen to think doing laundry and baking cupcakes on a sunday afternoon is sort of awesome, in a awesome mom sort of way, awesomely. eeek, i think i made up a word, but it doesn't look like. maybe i'm not so awesome after all.
Why do I love Jen?

1. She FOUND this rockin' poster in the first place.

2. She posted it for all to appreciate.

3. She made it so that I now get to surprise my Star Wars lovin' hubby with it on the desktop tonight.

Wow, Jen. I think that makes you simply AWESOME!
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