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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Christmas is coming!

Didn't mean to freak anyone out with my Christmas Countdown. I know folks have complained about it in years past.

But, this year I'm hoping to make a lot of my Christmas gifts for people, so I need to put the heat on myself early and I thought this might be a good plan...

'Tisn't the season yet, but it's on its way!!!!!!


well, why not. I plan to have all my Christmas shopping done by Halloween. That way I have time to make the things I'm buying supplies for.
I've already started my shopping! Come December, I'd rather take the time to enjoy the holiday season than frantically run around to different stores.
ACK! I need to start working on my "What to get for these people" list. I know that DD is getting much less this year and we need to get rid of her excess.

DH was asking if we had a nut cracker the other day to get into the last of the pistachios (you know the ones that dont pop open) and thought that I might like a nut cracker for Christmas. I said "No Thanks! I want a diamond instead. :D" Sometimes ya gotta just tell him exactally what to buy and where to get it from. Oh and I need to tell him no more cards.
Hey Jen,
Did you see this

It's on how to make the blogrolls scroll. I wanna try it...but I'm scared. hee hee

I suppose I could just keep checking before I publish, huh?
Walked into Hobby Lobby about three weeks ago (before Labor Day) and the Christmas aisles were stocked. Blah. It's still 90+ degrees outside!
I've been shopping for months now...I start on Dec 26th!
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