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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I got nothin'

It's been a deadly dull week here at House Horde. Well, except for my crafting injury (burned my arm while melting pony beads.) That just sucked.

What are you all up to, today? It's got to be better than here (we're watching TV and trying to avoid cleaning...)

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Blogging & swimming, but not at the same time. I'm tring to avoid the news what with all the thuggish dictators giving speeches every minute of the day.
I hope your burn isn't serious.

OK, I have to ask... why were you melting pony beads? What do you have against ponies?
melting pony beads? Like with an iron or some other heat tool obviously. Okay that was really dumb, I'm just curious how you do this. Not burn your arm, melt the beads and why?
I am mourning the loss of my laptop's screen and waiting impatiently for my husband's return from his business trip. Sorry about your burn - that sucks.
I'm applying for jobs with benefits. hmmph
I had almost forgotten that today is the official first day of autumn and today - at least in Norway - the day and the night is the same length. Maybe we should celebrate the chaning of the seasons?
If you want to see how the start of fall looks here, my wife has debude as a poster on my blog and is telling about her minivacation in the mountains of Norway:-)
Watching ER! It's sooo good!
I'm reading this on Saturday, and it is pooring rain here in AR. I am being lazy and sitting on my behind and blogging.

Sorry about your arm burn. Burns hurt!!

Have a nice weekend, and try not to touch any more hot things.
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