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Monday, September 18, 2006

It was GREAT!

As you know, we went yesterday to hear the Dalai Lama speak here in Denver (no, not in Tibet, Cube).

There was a Tibetan group performing when we got there. Then Nawang Khechog played several traditional instruments from all over the world. There was even one he'd created himself called the Universal Horn (it was really neat, the program says it is a "combination of Tibetan long horn, Aboriginal didgeridoo, and American trombone.") To give you an idea of what it looked like, I'll just say that when he prepared to play it my brain (which has been ruined by popular culture) immediately wondered if his first tune would be "Ri-co-la!" I know, I'm a loser. He also did some overtone chanting which was fascinating, seriously amazing!

Then, the Dalai Lama was introduced, and began to speak. He started off by making sure everyone understood that there were no special blessings attached to seeing him in person, nor did he perform miracles. He assured everyone that he's just a regular human, and that any of us could do what he is doing.

He was very funny, and down to earth, and when he didn't know the answer to a question he was very up front about it.

Honestly, his message wasn't really complicated. It was very practical and basically came down to "do unto others" and "play nice," but I believe that these are lessons that need some refreshing in today's climate. Plus, when he explained it all, it seemed to be common sense, and like it would be easy for anyone to manage. When asked what was the single most important thing we could do, he replied that we should all cultivate warm-heartedness. Sounds simple when he says it, doesn't it?

If you get a chance to see him speak, I would definitely recommend it. I would go again if I had a chance.


Sounds very cool, Jen. And I can so see us both saying "Recola" at seeing that instrument. ;)
I saw bits of it on the news and I wished I could be there. The whole conference looked amazing, I wish I was still in college to be a part of it.

The instrument sounds awesome!
That is so cool. I've heard that he has the ability to simplify complicated messages.
That is really cool, I didn't even know he did public speaking.

We all need reminded of the simple things, it's good to hear it!
Wow he is awesome.
Just passing by, this is a really nice blog lol I love the banner. I will have to stop back by.
From his lips to God's ears. I wish more warmheartedness for the entire globe.
What a very cool experience!
His message sounds perfect to me. The world could certainly use more common sense warmheartedness.

I'm getting hungry now. I think I'll fix some synonym toast. (very cute)
How exciting. He has been in Norway a lot of times and gives the same impression. Did you know he got the Nobel Peace price in 1989 too?
I think that is AWESOME! I wonder if he's coming to Dallas...
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