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Monday, September 25, 2006

Pony Bead Art

Here is a picture of a couple of things I've made by melting the pony beads.

Pony bead art

If it's too dark, go ahead and click here to see a bigger picture. I took them in my back window so you could see the light through them, but it turned out kind of weird.

The round one is the one that I burned myself while making. I took a picture of my owie today, almost a week later, so I could share it's peely ooziness with the world!

my owie

Mmmmm, tasty!

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those are so cool. good thing I'm going to walmart later today. I just might have to pick up some pony beads. I really like the round one, it would look awesome just hanging in the window with light coming through.

Your arm looks really gross, but glad you shared. I've always been one for oogy stuff.

Hope it heals up soon!
You know...that arm really looks painful!!! Praying for you, I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.

Cool crafts by the way! Check out the catapult we made at our place!
Yikes JEN! Don gets burnt all the time doing HVAC, but that worse than any I can remember him having!
Those are beautiful. But I am sorry about your booboo! I haven't heard of pony beads but that's an interesting project. Maybe you should do a tutorial on your blog and teach us all about it step by step with pictures!!!
Cool! How did you do the middle of the smaller one?

Your arm looks painful!
Youch! They're pretty but at what price pain?
Very pretty art! Lovely arm, too.
How cool is that? I looks like stained glass. Hope your arm is feeling better. Ouch!
Ouchness...that burn looks really nasty girl!
Owie! That really looks like it hurts! But the art is cool! You know they say that any good artist has to suffer for their art...
Yikes, nasty burn! Your pony bead art reminds me of Lite Brite... you should check my post on the virtual (and way safer) variety.
They look lovely; it's a bad injury, Jen. That's suffering for your art.
82 days to Christmas - the time goes so fast:-)
What a creative pony bead artist you are!! Your arm looks gross though - wish I was there to kiss it and make it better:)
Btw: thanks for your nice comments on my wife's guest post about her Norwegian mountains experience - the second one is up.
OUCH! I hope it looks better today. How are you feeling?

The art is beautiful...which one is mine? kidding.
Pretty beads and pretty bad owie!
Oh, and I taught myself to knit. I guess the worst that can happen with that is a knitting needle going up my arse. Hope I never find out.
Your arm burn is worse than I thought.
I'm sure that hurt a LOT when it happened.
I hope it heals competely soon.

The crafts are neat. I just showed my daughter the photo. We are thinking of doing some fun crafts and pony beads (without any burning incidences) is one we are considering now.. thanks to YOU!
Ouch! That's a nasty burn!

The pony heads are cool. Dumb question but what do you do with them now? I've never seen them before.
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