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Thursday, September 28, 2006


The latest news is that the gunman was sexually assaulting the hostages.

We've heard a lot of talk about how the schools are safer now that we've learned lessons from Columbine and other school shootings. But, school violence statistics aren't any lower than they were before, and apparently the new guidelines are not consistently enforced.

This man, a homeless person living in his car, not a known parent or affiliate of the school, walked right in and was not stopped or questioned by anyone. He didn't have to show ID or sign in, which is pretty standard practice in most schools post-Columbine. Furthermore, he himself was the first person to report the hostage situation, was the school still unaware at this point that this was happening in one of their classrooms? Then, according to a student's report all of the kids were routed inside the school, yes, INSIDE, you know, where the gunman was stating he had a bomb, to wait for 30 minutes before evacuation.

I understand that there is no way to keep a person out of a building if he has enough weaponry, planning and desire to cause damage to the people within. My concern is that it's apparently still awfully easy to attack students in our schools, regardless of what we want to believe about the safety of our children.

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That's unacceptable!
I'm glad that no one else was hurt or killed, but one is too many.

How could no one realize that this guy wasn't supposed to be there.

I firmly believe in uniforms and this is a great example of why.

My husband wonders sometimes why I want to homeschool?
This kind of thing just makes me sick and makes me despair of our world.
This kind of thing just makes me sick and makes me despair of our world.
It's hard to believe that with all the technology and intelligence we have these days, someone could just waltz in and take over.
That poor girl who was killed. I'm sure she was terrified during the whole ordeal, and the fact that her life was taken just angers me beyond my ability to put words to it. Her poor family. The news said she has a twin brother. I can't imagine their loss.
I'm glad the scumbag is dead.
It is indeed scary to think he just strolled in to a random school and killed someone.
Our schools are definitely an easy target.
It's a scary story, isn't it?! The world is full of crazies :(
My prayers and thoughts are with those who were involved - even more so for the parents who lost their child.

Where do people come up with this stuff, ya know!? SICK.
It is way too easy for anyone to get into most schools. I'm at the point where I think the only solution is a fence around every school and placing a guard at the entrance. If it's good enough for gated communities, it's good enough for our kids.

Of course, this won't keep out the loony students who want to shoot up the school. What's next... metal detectors?
Yeah, when I heard that he was mingling with the students for almost half an hour before anything went down, I was sick. How the hell does that happen?

I know at our elementary school, the doors are locked and you can't get in except by being buzzed in the front door. I'm not sure about our jr highs or HS. Truly, truly frightening.
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