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Monday, October 23, 2006

Bill Kurtis

Do you know who Bill Kurtis is? He hosts about a million of those crime documentaries I can't seem to stop watching, among other things...

I'm not sure how I surfed in to this article, but apparently in addition to his jobs hosting and producing TV shows I watch slavishly, he runs a working cattle ranch in Kansas.

I always wonder how can he sleep at night? The shows are always somewhat disturbing, and he must put a fair amount of time into each one, not to mention he's been doing this for years. I think after a while I'd have some sort of cumulative freak out, just from the sheer weight of all of the murders.

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RYC: There was only one post today. Generally what I do is to put up the protected post (which you did see and do see when you're signed into Xanga) and then a "public" announcement so those who are not yet signed in can clue into the fact that there's something new to read. I got chastised one too many times about updating in my protected posting and these folks not "seeing" it. So there's no excuse now.

I wonder sometimes about people like the man you mentioned. I don't read true crime books anymore because I get too freaked out. Real life that I am exposed to is too scary as it is without further exposing myself to other stuff.
I know what you mean. It's like when I read too many murder mystery books in a row I start to freak out at every sound!
I watch all those shows too. It takes a long time, but you do develop a hard-boiled attitude about crime, lessening its effect on your psyche.

BTW I think Curtis lives out on a ranch to get away from the crazy people who perpetrate those crimes. Out in the boonies, the nuts can't sneak up on you before you can get your shotgun.
I think when you are in a line of work like that, you learn to put it out of you mind in your down time.

Personally, I would be totally paranoid, all the time.

(BTW, I taught myself to knit!)
I love those crime shows too, it's almost like it can keep you informed about what's out there so you can be more cautious. I think that's the way I get hooked. I even enjoy reading about them in the newspaper. Go figure!
I agree with lynda, you just put it out of your mind.

It can barely watch those shows, unless all the lights in the house are on!
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