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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Classified nuclear weapons documents + a trailer park meth lab=

Crack nukes? I don't know. Whatever it is, it's really scary.

Drug raid yields Los Alamos documents

A drug bust at a trailer park in New Mexico turned up what appeared to be classified documents taken from the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory, authorities said Tuesday.
I'm one of the most relaxed people you'll meet as far as security goes, I forget to lock my doors, I leave my purse all over town, etc. But I've never had any important documents taken from me. Are they even TRYING to keep this stuff away from people?

I'd feel better about it if we learned the files were removed by some crackerjack team of international superspies, at least that makes it sound like they were hard to get. But, apparently they were stolen by a meth-head TEMP, of all people. When I worked temp they rarely gave us the keys to the restroom, let alone allowing us access to top secret paperwork.

And if someone's going to steal something, why abscond with nuclear weapons plans? I mean, unless you've got a good source of plutonium, what are you really going to do with them anyway? I think I'd have taken the documents pertaining to the UFO crash in Roswell or something. At least then I could make a living as a guest speaker at Sci Fi conventions...


Hi there...I found your blog on the Thursday Thirteen blogroll.

However, I was struck by your pictures. You have a son named "Tiernan"? I just had to say hi...because that's my last name. Could I ask how you came by that name?

Have a great day!
This makes me think about an old movie - The Falcon and The Snowman. It's a true story about stolen secret stuff - very good movie.

Have a great day!
Sell 'em to get money for more meth, of course. Or to move out of the dang trailer park, if it was me. When I worked in a top-secret facility, there were random searches as people left, and everyone carrying a briefcase got that searched. But apparently, that's not usual in places like that. The CIA, for example, searched only the people coming IN. Duh.
I have worked in places where I handled confidential information as a temp.

But, the nuclear weapon plans was really a ruse because they were the Roswell documents, or who shot JFK or something like that.

The government doesn't want us to know!!
This is scary. If any old meth-head can find this stuff, imagine who else can.
I'm thinking that these documents weren't really that classified. The press just likes to make their stories sound better than they are.
Very interesting!
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