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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let it snow!

We got snow overnight!

Here are the kids out in the back yard ready for about 4 minutes of play! Hopefully I'll get this post done before they want to come in and have hot chocolate...
Snowy kids!
Left to right: Sage, Tiernan, Maya, Anya

This is our maple tree, which the previous owners named "Mr. Maples." Mr. Maples apparently can't read the calendar, because it's almost Halloween and he still has all his leaves. Oops!
Snowy Mr. Maples


Oh cool! I haven't been in snow since I moved from NY in 1968. I don't think I'd last 4 seconds before coming in for something hot to drink. I'm a weak Floridian now ;-)
Is this what it will be like for a while?
I can't believe all of the snow for October!! WOW! Have fun,that's so cool (No pun intended!)!
Can't believe we are missing it!! Tyler wishes he could be out there with Tiernan. Have fun!!!
Awww they look so cute - suitable for framing :)
Thanks for sharing,

It's 80 degrees here today. :P
Just beautiful! I love snow but we rarely get it so thank you for sharing the pictures so I can at lease see some. I still have flowers blooming, which is a blessing.
Our first snowfall last year was on 10/24, so we're ahead of the game by a few days here although it's snowed in other parts of Vermont.
Great photos!
Keep warm!
I heard there was a blizzard by you! I was wondering if you got any snow.
Luckily I took the leaves off my cherry tree for the last snow storm, I hope it didn't mind. The apple tree doesn't look so good and we're hoping the pine tree is flexible.

It took forever to shovel 1/2 my driveway this am. there were 1 ft drifts.
How beautiful! I wish it would snow here!
So pretty!
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