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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not yet!

To clarify yesterday's post: I do not currently blog from the john, but you'd best believe I will when we get the requisite technology! There'll be no stopping me!!!!!!!



Hmmm, my hubby blogs from the john...drives me nuts! :-)
I'm kinda a germ-o-phobe, so I'd LOVE to be able to (I hate sitting and doing 'nothing,' even if it is defecating ;) LOL It would have to be something I could keep clean...eww...
You could get one of those really cool TV trays that hold up to a 5 gallon bottle of water to put your laptop on and slide it all over the bathroom... But then you might have to join the "Circle Butt Club."

I think though that you should probably only do that in your bathroom...not the one downstairs. 'cuz the kids will be bothering you saying they need the computer.
Thanks for clearing that up! I couldn't get that mental image out of my mind! LOL!
Playing ring around the A@@. Oh, say it isn't so, Jen.
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