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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday 13-Random Thoughts


Thirteen Random Thoughts From JEN

1. I think I hate Spiderman. OK, I don't really hate him, but while my son wants to have a Superman birthday party this month, all I can find out there for cakes, etc, is Spiderman stuff. I think it's probably because the latest Superman movie wasn't really geared towards kids, but STILL. Have you ever been in a situation where there wasn't enough licensed material out there to buy? I mean, really.

2. I did find a Superman pinata, though. It's really odd looking. He looks pretty constipated. Apparently he needs more "Truth, Justice and the Laxative Way."

3. Our field trip to the cemetery went really well. The only weird thing was that I had changed my ring tone for October to Tubular Bells (ie the theme from The Exorcist. You can listen to a snippet of it here if you scroll down and click to listen to "Part One.") In and of itself, that's not too weird, but while I was avidly discussing all of the old graveyards around with the volunteer, my phone kept ringing as some of the moms were lost, etc. So, I'm looking like I have some creepy cemetery fetish and my phone keeps playing The Exorcist. I'm sure the guy thinks I'm a ghoul.

4. We bought one of those air fresheners that shoots out every 9, 18 or 36 minutes. It's going well, except the first time it actually released fragrance into our house, Davin was digging around on the bookshelf where it's sitting and got an eyeful of "freshness." It must suck to be tall...

5. We toured our local Country Buffet as a field trip this week. It was a good tour, and we got discounted meals, too. The tour guide kept telling us how great the kids were, and how well-behaved they were, and how she normally doesn't get kids' groups that are this quiet.

6. That was really nice, but it always scares me. Usually after someone comments positively on my kids' behavior, they either turn extremely evil right after, or start throwing up. I think this is evidence of God's sense of irony.

7. It went pretty well, though, and other than Tiernan deciding that he didn't like their hot dogs and mac and cheese (this is all he eats, anywhere.) I resorted to giving him vanilla ice cream for lunch, reasoning that the other kids all turned out OK and "This, too, shall pass."

8. At least he was quiet about it. There was another little boy at our table who can belch loudly enough that I'm thinking there must be fraternities scouting him as we speak. ;-) He was very good and saying, "Excuse me," thought so I'm thinking he'll end up being fairly polite.

9. Sage, on the other had, has cultivated the skill of saying, "excuse me" WHILE she's burping. I keep trying to explain to her that that doesn't cover it, but she doesn't understand why. It's very disturbing to be seated at a table in a restaurant and hear a disembodied, gutteral voice ask to be excused. Maybe we can get her a part in a movie or something?

10. Ooh, maybe she can be in a remake of The Exorcist. That Reagan girl had a messed up voice, which reminds me a lot of Sage's belch-talking. The actress who provided that scary voice, Mercedes McCambridge, had to put a lot of work into that sound. "...McCambridge's already deep voice was made raspy and frightening-sounding and it 'really became the Devil's' via sleep deprivation, cigarettes, and drinking raw egg yolks and liquor." Yeah, that sounds about right.

11. I forgot to mention that, while the Country Buffet tour guide was asking what each kids' favorite vegetable was, Tiernan replied, "Corn dogs." Such a proud moment!

12. Also, this week we made a discovery about Anya's orthodontic headgear. Magnets will stick to it!

Magnetic Headgear

13. Have a happy weekend!

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CUTE! I love the headgear picture.

Happy TT!
love the littlest pet shop accesories.

Face full of freshner, say that 10 times fast.
Oh my...the magnets on the headgear is hilarious. Also, I can't believe there are only 80 days until christmas.
Oh no! You've got me rolling in the aisles again. I'm very sad that I can't seem to get the link to play for me. Maybe if I go to the library later, I can do it on one of their computers. My sound messes up on a regular basis.
I've been wanting to try those air fresheners! Glad to know they work. And I love the headgear - wish we'd thought of that when the boys were in braces!
Ok, well I went and heard it elsewhere. Is it scarier if you've seen the movie? I guess I don't remember much about The Exorcist.
How funny about your phone in the cemetary! That's just classic.
Loved it! You've got a great personality and it shows so well in your writing!

You have a very wacky sense of humor! I'm sad to admit that my boys have learned to belch the alphabet. And I'm SADDER to admit that I introduced them to that while their daddy was away on some army thing. Well, it passed the time, eh? ;)
OMG! I'm Laughing so loud that Darly came in here to see what's the matter!!!

"Man if you're making that big of a storm...what's the problem?" is what she said and she insisted that I tell you that.

I was laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes...especially the cell phone thingy. I so wish that I would have been there for that...but I would have been laughing so hard that the tour guide would have thought I was nuts or something.
Cute picture. Happy TT!
Did you try online for the Superman stuff?
Superman party ideas
My son's fav veggie is also the corn cute!
My 8 year old precious beautiful baby girl Elle can belch like a frat boy. Seriously. I don't know where she gets it, but her belches are LOUD and LONG. It's my biggest fear in public.

I wore my bands religiously so that I didn't have to wear the headgear.
LOVE the photo!

Corn dogs are my fav veggie too. Very cute!

When the pinata breaks and all the "stuff" comes out, I hope that poor, constipated Superman gets some relief.
'The Exorcist' would be a weird ringtone!
Your Thursday 13-Random Thougts is always a great read - thanks for sharing!
Your Anya looks so cute!
Have a lovely week ahead:-)
*cackle* I love the burping excuse me. Seems like quality multi-tasking to me. :D
If you hate spider man, a spider man pinata is PERFECT. Make sure to get a whack in yourself! son wants to be spiderman!

my list is up
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