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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Too much going on!

I won't be able to blog until the 17th or so, will you miss me?

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Yes, very much! Whaaaaaa!

Oh wait a minute, I'm going to see you on Tuesday! ;o)
Of course we'll miss you!!
Yes...I miss you and your posts already! Hurry back! Have some fun but stay safe!
I will await your return with eager anticipation. I'd say I'll be holding my breath, but I'm pretty sure I would pass out well before the 17th.
I'll definitely miss you!
OMG! Not a whole eight more days!?!? Why? Why? Why? I'll miss you!
You will def be missed...hurry back!!!
Duh. It's like missing my morning paper. You know I can't operate without knowing what's going on with the hoarde.
I already miss your witty remarks *sniff*
Still missing you!
Ohh yessss, very much - how could you ask! Whater is up I wish you good luck and a great weekend - and welcome back:-)
It figures... when I finally have time to get around to visiting people's blogs, you're not posting! I'll be back later in the week. ;o)
Missing you!
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