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Monday, October 02, 2006

Visiting the Dead

Today we're going to visit Riverside Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Colorado. A tour has been set up for us through our homeschooling co-op, and we're all excited (we like cemetery tours around here!)

For your reading pleasure and edification, you can read this list of headstone symbols I found for our trip today. For instance, it's pretty common to see a lamb on a child's grave, and that's a symbol of innocence (which makes sense.)

Have a great Monday!


i also like cemetary tours. Have fun! We stopped in the Logan, UT cemetary yesterday, it was beautiful.
I wish we could have been at this one!!

Hey Jen, do you have your Halloween decs up yet this year? Just wondering, I know how big a deal it is. We just started today :) though I'm sure it's only a shadow of the festive decor at your house!
We got to clean the house today instead of the trip. I betcha that DD would have rather gone now. ha ha
She's kinda ticked at me after I helped clean in the basement. I was throwing all her good cr@p away.

My vacation pictures are up.
Have fun! What a neat thing to do leading up to Halloween!
Ooh..hope you had a good day. I love old cemetarys.
I remember doing that while in was actually pretty cool! I hope your kids enjoy it.
I recently visited an old overgrown cemetary that hadnt been taken care of in years. It was great! I got a little creeped out because on of the headstones said the persons birthdate, date of death and then, it said "Killed by Jacob Canup"

Why would they put that on someones headstone? sheesh
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