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Monday, November 13, 2006


I've been knitting a lot, trying to make dishcloths to give as Christmas gifts. I've found a few patterns here and there, and now I'm just trying to get them done.

Do you have any home made gift ideas?

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I am not creative but I cant wait to come back and see who responds to this...Dishcloths? What a great idea!!! I am really jealous of creative people
My homemade gifts are usually baked goods...which since I don't bake are probably not such a good idea. It's not that I'm a bad baker...I just don't like it much.

I should give my neighbor something different this year. I gave her a plant one year that she seemed to like. And she really loved the pumpkin seeds that I gave her too.
If you also crochet, check out the crochet blog I just started; so far it has some very simple hat and poncho patterns for little girls.
Back in the day, before the kids came along & sucked up almost all my free time, I used to love to draw.

I'm not really handy with crafts, though. All my stuff looks like crap, so you don't want my advice ;-)
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