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Friday, November 17, 2006

Motivation to spare?

I have company coming, I'm nowhere near ready for Thanksgiving, my house is a mess and I'm way behind on the crafts I'm making as Christmas gifts. Will someone please give me a verbal kick in the butt and tell me to get to work?


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get to work, you lazy..... JUST KIDDING.

I also need a kick in the butt, I think it would help if it were physical though. I haven't even started on my x-mas crafts, I've bought everything but haven't done squat with it. GOOD LUCK
Stop yer blogging, or you'll get a flogging!
Eh, guests don't need clean sheets do they? Give 'em an apron and put 'em in the kitchen. They gotta work! ;)
ACK! Maybe you could take out an Equity loan on the house...and buy a catered dinner at a fancy place somewhere else...along with a hotel stay for your guests? just kidding.

Well since that isn't possible, I guess the next best thing is to bribe or guilt trip the kids into helping. "Do you really want guests to see this mess???" OR "I'll just tell guests that you made all this mess."
Ug. I'm the worst at procrastinating, then I'll stay up all night for 3 days in a row just getting ready :o( Okay, so you don't want to do that, keep that in mind! LOL

I did get the hats done today for our Xmas card picture! Of course, our Thanksgiving is small and quiet (only bros family) so I'm not too stressed. You wanna come over instead :)
Thanks, all!
Oh yeah...pot/kettle.

Good luck!
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