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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanks, Guys!

With your encouragement, I got a lot done yesterday. So much that today I think I'll make these turkey wishbone earrings to wear on Thursday!

Actually, I don't really think that I will, I just thought it was too freaky not to pass on, though. If you make them, will you let me know? I think they would go great with a necklace made from the vertebrae!

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I realize that many cultures do this without blinking an eye...but in my opinion bones go in the trash. Blech!

Glad you got your house cleaned...still working on mine. We took advantage of the good weather to transplant some plants today though...made DD clean, she wasn't happy.
Oh, and tiny metacarpal earrings would make the perfect accompaniment to this bone collection ;-)
Those earrings must be good to see!
Why are they so bright and shiny?

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
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