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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This kind of bums me out...

Anne Frank's tree to be cut down

The ancient chestnut tree that comforted Anne Frank while she was in hiding during the Nazi occupation of Holland must be cut down, the Amsterdam city council said Tuesday.
I haven't read her diary in a few years, I should get it out again. I bet at least my 11 year old is old enough to read it, too...

I remember reading this in junior high, and becoming very caught up in the drama of Anne's life, and her teenage struggles with the other people in the Annex. Then, I read it as an adult, and I thought all of the teenage angst seemed superfluous, because of the backdrop of the story, which seemed much more important to me. Do you have any books that you've looked at totally differently as you got older?

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What is the reason for the tree cut down? Surely it's not health & safety?
Oh this is so sad. It is like the final piece of history is being destroyed. Thanks for your visits to my site and your kind comments.
Bummer days, dude! I've actually been to Anne Frank house, although I don't remember the tree at all. I guess all fades and decays.

Most of the books I have read hit me much differently as I grow up. Even the ones that I first read as an adult strike me differently each time I reread them. I read ...And Ladies of the Club once a year and also Isaac's Storm and I always notice different things. This time I noticed (in Isaac's Storm) a completely different pulse to the story than I've ever read. It was exhilerating.
It has fungus and is dying. They have been taking grafts of the tree for years and it will live on.

You may want to visit this site:

Its a great place for kids to learn about that tragic tale.
That's too bad. Luckily, the tree will live on through grafts, much like Anne Frank herself lives on through her diary. How very apt.

As far as books go, I didn't like coming of age angst even when I was coming of age. Those parts of the diary weren't my favorites either, but the rest was very good.

My family teases me about it, but I don't usually reread books. Once is enough for me.
that's so upsetting.
it's actually interesting that this poor tree is dying the same way the generation of survivors of the holocaust is dwindling. soon people will be so far removed from this horrible tragedy. it's so sad, really.
Why would they do such a thing? I thought we're supposed to preserve nature.
Oh, that is too sad. I'm glad that they're planting the sapling taken from the main tree.
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