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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who is Jolene?

And what does it say on his upper lip? At first I thought it was "purebreed" but it isn't.

I'm all for personal expression, but in some cases less is definitely more.


I love to visit your blog... you always have something interesting going on. Now that is a blessing indeed!
Does it say "hatebreed"?

Um, yuck.
I think it's "hatebreed".

Mr. Sunshine in the Morning...
I couldn't tell if it was horebreed or hatebreed...either way it's sick.

What does he think he'll grow up to be with that look anyway?
Yes, I think you're right, I think it's "hatebreed." Wow.
I think it says PUREBREED, which would make sense
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It might say "nosebleed", like a warning, if he's prone to them if there's not much humidity.
Jolene is a dumb girl with really, really bad taste in men.

The moron's upper lip looks like it says hatebreed.

A nasty case of Tattoo-rrhea!
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