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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Can't Think of a Title

I'm in a bit of a mood today. I think it's the combination of the all of the readily available candy, and the condition of being snowbound. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl. All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl.

Anyway, I was surfing The Smoking Gun looking for the complaint that Fred Goldman filed against O.J. Simpson. Did you hear about this? He's trying to get a hold of the money that O.J. received for his part in the mercifully defunct "If I Did It" project. Good for Fred Goldman! No amount of money will bring his son back, or bring the Goldman family peace, but that doesn't mean that O.J. should get to keep the money, or have a moment's peace, either! I'm glad Fred Goldman has the fight in him that is needed to stay in O.J.'s face.

While I was poking around the archives, I found something pretty noteworthy among all of the weird and sometimes foul stuff they post (stay away from the articles about the salad dressing, I wish I had...), the backstage rider for Iggy and the Stooges.

The Smoking Gun has a whole area devoted to these riders, the requirements that performers make of the promoters in each city as they go on tour. Generally they're pretty blah and technical, with occasional glimpses into the personality of the performer. I usually glance at the riders of people I've heard of, and then move on, wondering how people who read these for a living manage to stay awake. But, the requirements on this one were just hilarious! I actually read the entire thing, and enjoyed it. It's not for the kiddies, and can be a bit offensive at times (but still funny!), and you can read it here. For example, from the equipment requirements:

1 x 13 inch and 1 x 14 inch TOM-TOM WITH MOUNTING. And if you can't bring the mounting to us, we'll have to send a bloke called Mohammed to the mounting. A stand mount would be find, or a bass drum mount. Here endeth the sermon on the mount.
So, if you're blizzarded in like we are in Denver, and need a few giggles, check it out. And then send dishwasher detergent! We ran out, and can't get to the store to buy any, so the dishes are piling up. If this snow doesn't stop soon, we're going to end up actually hand washing the dishes so we have something to serve the dead rugby players in...

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Thatr's hilarios, Jen!
Jen, liquid hand dishwashing detergent & laundry soap don't work in the dishwasher...don't ask how I know this.

Now I've gotta go exercise...thanks a bunch!
Title or not - you where really thinking with your fingers today - thanks for sharing:-)
You know, the only reason I would have found to let them do that OJ project was to pay the families. Any money should go to them. I don't understand how he's managed to do some of the things he's done that I'm sure he's gotten paid for and NOT pay the Goldman/Brown families their judgement.

I've read those riders before. They're hilarious.

Along with Renee, I know that liquid soap in the dishwasher is a bad thing. I almost didn't surivie past 15 for discovering that.
I think you should be joining me for those exercising comments. hee hee especially since you were so generous with them. okay, you can just do your comments.
Oh man! I wish I could send you some of my SEVEN containers of it. For some reason, my husband (the absent-minded professor) repeatedly purchased dishwasher detergent over a period of weeks. I stood in front of the display at the store and said, "No more needed, thanks!" He laughed but the next time he was allowed out on his own, he brought back TWO of the things.

When he did this, I flipped my lid. I pulled out all of the detergents I had stashed under the sink and said, "Ok, when I said we didn't need any more of this stuff...what did you think I meant?" He does this all the time...drives me NUTS. Usually it's mayo and peanut butter. Now it's dishwasher soap and bread.

Can I come be in a blizzard with you? Please!
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