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Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's looking like a White Christmas for sure!

It started snowing Tuesday night, and hasn't stopped since. We usually have a Brown Christmas here in Denver, so this is a real treat!

Hare are the drifts in our backyard, in comparison with the fence, the plant hanger and the swingset this morning:
Blizzard-Plant stand
As you can see, we're not getting out any time soon!

Here are all of the kids playing in the snow yesterday. Look how hard it's coming down! It's been like that almost the whole time!
Blizzard-Sage, Anya, Maya and Tiernan

We're all kind of done with all of the neat stuff we can do around the house, and have settled into a schedule of napping and watching TV. We sure became complacent fast! What would you do if you were stuck in your home for 3 days or so? We're looking for ideas...


Allegedly, this woman ( has links to living books to listen to online.

Basically, we do a lot of reading, baking, and eating. I knit or quilt. We READ a lot of books. We're very boring people.

The snow is gorgeous!

I told my hubby last night about the dishwasher soap and he just laughed.
We would play board games, watch movies, eat, knit, nap, thrown in a little fight here or there. I'd probably make a snow cave and move in.
How about this:
I've been thinking about you as I watch the news!

Have fun in the snow!!

Sheri<---who is VERY thankful right now she booked her flight through Dallas NOT Denver!
Lucky! We haven't had a flake here yet!

Board games are good.
I love your snow. I know it is tough being stuck inside but this too shall pass! Try an indoor picnic, each kid makes a scavenger hunt with clues for the others, lego building contest, read "Stone Fox" aloud to the kids, a contest to see how many words can be made from the word CHRISTMAS, and then go back outside and make an igloo! Have fun if you can.
We spent today shoveling. Pix on my blog. DH will probably take my car to work tomorrow if he has to go in...which means DD & I will be stuck here.
I should thaw something out for dinner tomorrow.
I don't have any kids so I can't help with the 3-day plan! But hey, when we were kids we did jigsaw puzzles!
Have a wonderful holiday Jen and a peace-filled new year!
Looks like winter there. We are having another unseasonably warm winter here in western NY. Freshly fallen snow is so beautiful.
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