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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Stuff

If you have a minute, stop by Strange Pulse and check out her "A Christmas song a day" that she's been doing this month. If you scroll down far enough, you'll find the David Bowie/Bing Crosby version of Little Drummer Boy, which always makes me happy...

Does anyone know where Dorothy (Surrender Dorothy and Dorothy's Road) is? Whenever I click on her blog, it takes me to junk sites. Did I miss an announcement that she's leaving or something?

We have most of our decorations up. Sage has been counting and reporting to us how many angels, baby Jesus', stars, etc there are in the house. Since we keep dragging out more boxes, the numbers are consistently going up. We cram a lot of Christmas cheer into this house!

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Dorothy disappeared again, but I've seen her posting comments a few times. I know that she got a job recently so she has less blogging time.

I think that I need to put the rest of the Christmas decorations away...they just aren't going to make it up this year. No big deal, the house looks good w/o them.

The shopping is finished. The making gifts is 75% done. The wrapping is 95% done. The cards are finished!

The bugging of what's under the tree has begun. Luckily it's only 8 more days until she finds out...or she'll drive me crazy.
I think I've also gotten a few comment from her not too long ago. Hopefully her absence isn't anything serious.
I'm here. I'm lurking for now because of time and the usual BPP (Blogger Protection Program). I'm not gone, but I'm relatively sure my stalker doesn't read your site. She does track me to several different ones.

I will resurface after the first of the year, so for now check out my sister Scone and catch me at Renee's, Carmen's or Bone's. I'm lurking everyday. There will be a new identity, so watch for me.

Love ya bunches,

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