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Friday, December 15, 2006

What is this new version of Blogger?

And do I want to switch to it? I'm getting messages about it now when I go to log in. I'm afraid when they make changes, that the systems will be more unstable than it already is...


I've heard that b-betas have had trouble posting pictures. And as a non-b-beta I've had trouble posting on their blogs.

I'm taking a wait & see approach.
Ditto. I'm waiting to see how it goes. I've heard a few complaints about it (bugs) and I'm not eager to change yet.
It is very worrying right now, Jen. There doesn't seem to be a right thing to do.
I switched over a while ago and have had absolutely no problems.

I have heard about non-betas having problems posting comments on beta blogs, but none of the non-beta regulars who post on my blog have mentioned any problems.

One cool thing about about the beta is that posting is immediate. No more waiting for that stupid spinning timer thing.

Anyway, bottom line, I like the changes that have been made. I am glad I switched over.
I'm just going to wait for the bugs to be worked out. Eventually we will all be assimilated into beta.
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