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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wow, another storm is coming!

How was Christmas for everyone? It was good here, pretty casual.

We're getting set up for another storm. Since they haven't plowed us all out from the last one yet, this should be interesting. We don't normally get snow on top of snow here, so this is pretty wild.

Around here, we have a really good snow once every 2 or 3 years. In the mountains they get more, but we're high plains and it's really fairly arid on the whole. So, we don't have the infrastructure to get it cleared up with any sort of speed.

I heard that one of our neighbors delivered a baby at home during the blizzard, because they couldn't get out. I wouldn't mind delivering at home if they could send in the National Guard with an epidural. ;-) I haven't met her, but I can tell you that the new mom is more of a woman than I!


We haven't had a single flake of snow yet! Lots of rain, but no snow. 60 degrees in December? What in the world?

I don't think I'd enjoy a blizzard home birth. It's probably better than a blizzard backseat of the car birth, though.
Wow. She's SuperMom! I don't know if I could do it but I guess if you have no choice . . .
"I wouldn't mind delivering at home if they could send in the National Guard with an epidural."

LOL! Me too ... I hope the storm/s not too bad. I wish you could pass a little snow (I said a little) our way down here in GA.

Yikes! I don't know if I could do the home delivery thing, choice or not! I'd be keeping those legs crossed! "Oh no you don't! Get back in there!"

Hopefully this next bout isn't as much as the first. Enjoy the winter wonderland.
After the delivery that I had with DD a homebirth sounds like heaven! Funny about a week before she was born a friend who was due the same time as me delivered at home because the hospital staff (same hospital I was due to deliver at) sent her home. This mom had a history of delivering quickly...and they sent her home. She had the baby in her bed at home with the ambulance on the way...luckily it was the AFB ambulance so no charge for that.

I should go shovel again so there isn't so much this evening.
I'm with you about the epidural. How scary to deliver at home without planning for it ahead of time. Oh well, the baby was READY!!
This is the first time I've been able to even get your comment page to load, so I'm thinking that this comment will go through. If not, I will have a cussing fit!
You guys are in for another dumping. I hope you're prepared. Turn UP the heat and stoke the fire!!
Oh lucky you with the snow. It is rare if we have any so I am jealous. Please take a picture of that Superwomen and post it as soon as the snow melts. I really want to see what she looks like! Maybe she only had a 5lb. baby... that would make it easier. LOL
We haven't had snow, but a lot of wind is coming.
Our Christmas was good, but very warm. My family went swimming in our as yet unheated pool! They are braver than I am, but still, it just illustrates how warm our winter has been.

Stay warm & have a Happy New Year!!!

Meanwhile, we'll try to keep cool ;-)
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