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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bill O'Reilly is a complete tool.

I don't think I've ever used that word to describe anyone before, but the other ones I was thinking of are too impolite for here.

He launched a verbal attack on Shawn Hornbeck (the missing boy found after 4 years), reasoning that he stayed voluntarily with his captor because he liked it, and it was more exciting than living at home, so he wouldn't have to go to school, etc, etc, etc, diarrhea on and on.

You can watch him spewing his oral waste here:

Also you can check out a transcript of the talk, with excellent commentary, at The True Crime Blog.


I haven't watched O'Reilly in a long time. His arrogance is a bit off-putting & he isn't nearly as conservative as his critics say.

On this case, however, he isn't the first to bring up this point of view. His mother & stepdad look like real prizewinners to me.

My point is, nobody including O'Reilly, knows what happened, and speculating about the motives (or going on Oprah & blabbing about the case) is counterproductive right now.

I wish they'd just let the poor kids be alone with their families for a bit.
Isn't he a creep! I was reading what he said last night and yelling at my poor defenseless husband about it when he inadvertantly wandered through the room. LOL
That dude is a total ass-clown. I can't believe he actually believes his own brand of BS sometimes. His interviews aren't interviews. They're grand-standing, blubbering attempts to be intelligent and an absurd play at running a real news program. He's no better than the tabloids. *patooie*

Wanna know how I really feel about him...
That poor boy! What a miracle it is that he has returned to his family in the first place. I haven't seen the interview but I trust your rendition of it. I wish, like cube, that people would just leave these children alone.
Ass-Clown is even better than "tool!" Thanks, InterstellarLass! I'll have to call you the next time I get this irked by someone...
What an absolute gas-bag.

Guys like him are such a waste.
Why do people like him feel the need to comment like that? Do they have no shame or compassion?

I wish the media would leave those kids alone!!
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