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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


On August 3rd of last year, we checked the book Where Did I Come From? out of our local public library. And for about 5 months now, we haven't been able to find it to turn it in! Every time we go to the library, we search the house top to bottom looking for this book, no dice.

This morning, we were trying one more time to find it, because we're out of renewals and if we don't turn it in today we'll have to buy it. All of us were digging through the bookshelves, under furniture, in closets, in other words everywhere!

Finally, Davin said, "Maybe we're looking for the wrong book? Maybe instead of looking for Where Did I Come From? we should be looking for Where Did I GO?"

Oh well, I figure there are worse things to do with our money than giving it to the library system!

Editing to Add: When I told my mom about this, she said that when we find the book, we should re-name it, Where Have I Been? I love my mom!

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I would check the shelves at the library. Many times we've gotten a late notice to find the book sitting on the shelf. I take it to the librarian and sure enough, its still checked out to me.
I asked the library about this and they say there isn't anything they can do...but its really frustrating. One time the book didn't even belong to my branch but it was sitting on the shelf.
Oh and I LOVE it when the librarian says it probably is a different copy...yeah, like I'm hoarding their books at home...but when they check it, its the book I checked out.
You book hoarder! I know how you are....
Perhaps the Borrowers borrowed it. I know it sounds silly, but try asking out loud for it to reappear. Nothing to lose!
I have paid for many a lost book and I do it proudly. Some have been honestly lost, some have gotten wet (don't ask), some have been chewed up by an honest-to-goodness dog. It doesn't matter as long as you make the library whole.
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