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Friday, January 26, 2007

Gimme all your cookies!

Girl Scout Threatened by Shotgun While Selling Cookies

The person with the gun was a 78 year old woman. The person she was pointing the gun towards was an 8 year old Girl Scout. Her father says they identified themselves after a knock on the door but were met with obscenities.
In our troop, there's a famous story about a home where the girls were met at the door by a woman in her underwear, who tried to pay them with money she'd pulled from her bra. Showing true dedication, the girl managed to keep it together to get the order. But, when they went back to deliver, the home had notices on it that it had been a clandestine meth lab, and it was all blocked in by police tape.

So, I can believe that a girl had a shotgun pulled on her, it's a weird world...

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I'd buy several boxes from your girls if they came to my door, and I promise I would not pull a gun on them OR pull cash from my bra.

Girl Scout cookies are YUMMY!!
Hey Jamie, I can sell you some...oh wait, we aren't supposed to take orders over the internet. bummer. :(

I'm so glad I haven't run into anything like that selling cookies.

Oh and you didn't see me here 'cuz I'm supposed to be entering cookie orders right now. shhhh
Man, that's some loooooong spam. Do they expect people to read that? What a freak!
missed the must have deleted it.
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