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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy 72nd Birthday, Elvis!

elvis motorcycle

Without getting all Deliverance about it, you have to give the man credit for having a pretty mouth. Don't you agree?

Today is also David Bowie's birthday, the big 6-0.

What's rocking in your corner of the world on this mightily auspicious day?

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He does have a purdy mouth! Sorry, you started the "deliverance" thing LOL. What a handsome man ...

I really don't want to imagine Elvis at 72. Ew. He was sure one gorgeous man when he was young, though!

How come everybody's getting older but me?
Auspicious days reminds me of Suspicious minds.

Not much going on here today. Driving my girls to the orthodontist after school. Woot!
Thank you for NOT "getting all Deliverance" on us.
It would be so cool to see what Elvis would look like if her were alive.
David Bowie does NOT have an especially pretty mouth, does he? Oh, well, at least he's still alive.

I'm off to the grocery store in about fifteen minutes from now. Yipppee! What fun!!
Bubba Ho-Tep, baby! Elvis and JFK in a nursing home.

This all reminds me of another time I was snowed in-- ages ago on the East Coast, single & living alone, and nothing to watch on TV but an Elvis movie marathon. I stuck it out for several hours, but then I decided I HAD to try to dig my car out from under 4 feet of snow. Without a shovel. 'Cause, man! X^}
My mama loved Elvis with an amazing and unrequited passion. Seeing the pictures of him when I was a wee one, I never did understand it, but once I saw the "young Elvis" pictures, I totally got it. I do think his weird dance thing on the Ed Sullivan show was kinda stupid, though.
I never got the Elvis thing. It probably didn't help at all that my Mom hated Elvis only because her sister loved him. LOL

It's so odd to think that David is the same age as my Mom! too's like an oddity
Didn't know - thanks for the reminder. Saw David B. live in Norway once - he rocks!

Nothing special here - just busy eating sea food LoL
David Bowe is 60!!!! Oh that makes me feel really old...
Bowie's 60? WOW! Well, hunka-hunka burnin' luv...I'm back bloggin...same place...hope all is well with you! ;)

Elvis is 72? Who would have thought it? Go to my Journal and see whose birthday it is on the 14th.
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