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Friday, January 05, 2007

It's snowing again!

This is getting old. I love the whole beautiful "Winter Wonderland" aspect of it all, and I'm glad it's covering up the dirty old snow, but STILL!

I think I'm going to go spend some time over at Shockwave playing games. Do you have any games you like to play online? If so, drop me a line, we need something to do to fight the boredom!

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Oh, you poor things. I can only imagine how tough you have it.

Here we're expecting a high of 80 & my family is still swimming in our as-yet unheated pool. Please don't hate us because we're Floridians.

I have several links for fun games:

My favorite is Weboggle:

I like throwing the paper into the trash game, but there are a bunch of addictive fun games here:

And finally, if you want revenge on the old Asteroids game:

Have fun and stay warm.
Some of the games at are pretty good.
I just play Bejeweled 2.

I'm getting cabin fever.

and I'm jealous of cube!
Snow? Don't send it my way, Jen!
I envy you the winter wonder land. Here in south of Norway we've had an inch or so but that is not enough to go skiing you know!
Wishing you a wonderful white weekend:-)
Online we play Dragon Fable ( It's a little character-based adventure game. My punkins enjoy it.

Oh, and if you want educational games (of course you do!), try -- that's where Punkin Boy learned his states. There are lots of different games there, though.

We're lucky enough to have a bunch of PC games and new board/card games and videos from the holidays. Boy, I'm looking forward to getting these guys back into school Monday!
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