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Monday, January 15, 2007

They can totally have mine!

Uterus transplant may enable pregnancy

A New York hospital is taking steps to offer the nation's first uterus transplant, a radical experiment that might allow women whose wombs were removed or are defective to bear children.

The wombs would come from dead donors, just as most other organs do, and would be removed after the recipient gives birth so she would not need anti-rejection drugs her whole life.
Seriously, I don't plan to use mine anymore, and I know how miserable and depressing infertility can be. I wouldn't mind giving it away to a mom if it would help her have her own children. They don't even have to wait until I'm dead! They can come get it later today, I'll clear my schedule...

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It sounds like science fiction, but it's better living through science.

I love your take on it :-)
They can have mine too! I'll even rip the darned thing out for them.
They better act fast on mine though, it is getting old.

Oh and what is the deal with egg donors having to be young. I mean I understand them not wanting my eggs now, but when I was in my 30's they could have taken a bunch. *sigh* Oh well.
How is it that science can be cool and creepy at the same time?
*smacks head*

Why didn't I think of that before? I'm sitting here with a perfectly good one going to waste. Suppose we could sell them on eBay?

"Large womb, fully functional, slightly used. Seller will pick up if buyer lives in tropical location."
I meant "deliver" of course. Maybe I should sell my brain while I'm at it. Or possibly throw it in for free. Nobody would notice the difference. Sigh.
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