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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Can't blog...

Trying to find a new home for our guinea pigs. The pediatrician says that the kids' allergic reactions to them won't get any better, and that it's time to move on to a pet that won't cause them any more pain, etc.

We are sooooooo sad. They're awfully neat little pets.

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Sorry the little guys(gals) have to find another home, but I'm sure they'll be happy.
I hope your kids clear up soon. Sometimes it's the hay that they're allergic to.
I hope your guinea pigs find a worthy home, but I regret it can't be with me. Sorry, but I've fulfilled my guinea pig requirement... I had Sonny & Cher & their offspring, Chastity. Cher outlived them all & was a legend in the annals of guinea pigs. I can't do more than that.
awww sorry to hear about the kids and their allergies! And that you need to find the furry ones a new home...that's gotta be hard!

I'm thinkin' about ya!
you need to update this one.
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