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Friday, February 02, 2007

Hey Florida Folks!

How are you doing? You're in our prayers...

14 dead as storms sweep through Florida

Storms carrying the state's deadliest tornado in a decade cut a path across central Florida early Friday, killing at least 14 people, damaging hundreds of homes and littering fields with clothes, furniture and splintered lumber.


We heard it in the news in Norway too - how said!

Thanks for giving us the chance to remember this personal tragedy.
I was trying to find out what counties were affected on the news and my stupid dog was outside barking her full head off and I screamed at her and DH is telling me I look like a lunatic screaming at the dog. So I ask him to take care of the dog so I can see if my Mom is still alive. *gah!*

So far it appears as if the storms were north of her. She lives in Pasco cty and the storm hit Sumter, Lake, Seminole & Volusia But they didn't announce that on the news, I had to find it online.

I didn't want to call because I knew the lines would be busy with folks trying to reach the area. I should email though.

I figure she's got a lot of tree branches down again. She burned a lot from the hurricanes.
I heard about it here in England.

How devastating.
So, I was thinking tonight, now where can we move to? I can't take the snow anymore, but the Florida stuff is too scary. I'm thinking about moving home to Arizona. I've done 120 degree heat, anyway.
Thanks for your concern here and at The BLOG .

The storms went over our area, but we were spared any tornadic activity. All we got was a thunderstorm.
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