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Friday, February 23, 2007

Knitting and the Hormonal Cat Blues

If I lived in Rhode Island, I would join this club.

I am hopelessly not as cool as this when I'm knitting, but I think the theme music goes a long way, too. Maybe I need to work on getting my own, supercool, soundtrack. Then I'd be unstoppable!

On the home front, it's become apparent that the new girl kitty is in heat. They had us take her home before she was spayed, with instructions to bring her back in the next week to get it taken care of. Only now we can't...because she's sick. So, we have to wait until she's done with her medicine, and until then we have to deal with her yowling and rubbing her butt on everything. And she still hates me. :-( Somebody tell me that this will get better?

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Did you recopy your knitting blogs or did you buy new sock yarn? No advice for your hormonal kitty, sorry. I've been blessed with either male or spayed female animals.

Love the knitting club! That's what Gina and I looked like at Barnes & Noble last night. I swear!
There is no solution for the kitty but the passage of time. As far as her liking you, she might feel better about you when the hormone fever dies down. Then again, you can never tell with cats. Maybe she senses you're really a dog person.
cube: While Jen tolerates my Lilly...I don't think she's a dog person.
I've only ever had two female cats and they both liked me from day one they pretended to not like me.
But I'm sure that this one will like you once the heat part is over...those hormones are a killer to everyone. It probably doesn't help at all that she's on meds. If I didn't live so far away, I would offer to come over and give her meds so she would hate me instead.
Cats do ease over time.. I have a female who refused to be picked up or touched at all when we got her.. Now she comes and sits on our laps and actively seeks us out..

A year yes, but it does ease..

Knittings remind me of my mother who was very good at it as well as my grandma. I always got new socks from here every Christmas. Your post took me down the memory lane - thank you!
Sorry to hear about the cat - hope you'll have a nice weekend anyway:-)
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