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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Like on the soaps, but real...

Couple looking forward, not back

Jeff Ingram hunches over the countertop and peers at the foreign words in the cookbook: One- and-a-half cups of egg whites.

He should know this. He shoots a puzzled glance at his girlfriend.

"I haven't shown you yet how to separate an egg," she says as she cracks the egg and gently demonstrates how to separate it...

Jeff is 40. In a way, this is his first angel food cake. He used to bake so much that he had a special platter to display his creations. But now he moves about the kitchen a bit unsure...

To Jeff, she is as new in his life as angel food cake. But Penny knew Jeff in another life - before he went missing and wound up on a Denver street with no memory.

"Dissociative fugue," doctors called it, a rare form of amnesia caused by stress or trauma.

Jeff was found, but he had no idea who he was, much less who Penny was. If they were going to stay together, they would have to get to know each other all over again.
I just thought this was really interesting. In my psych classes in college I always found these cases fascinating, because it's hard to conceive of a total loss of the self.

And, isn't it just so sweet to see that they're falling in love with each other all over again? What a wonderful story for Valentine's day. I think I'm getting a little teary.

OK, I promise I'll be less sappy tomorrow... Or the next day...


That is sweet!
I don't know...he did this before and the doctors still don't know what caused it. I would be really worried that it could happen again. I would want him tatooed or microchipped or something just to make sure he found his way back home again.
It's very sweet that they're still together.

re: cookies at Church. The very funny thing was that the Women's group was holding a Bake Sale and folks were STILL coming up to buy cookies from us. Some had cookies from both. LOL! so much for those New Year's Resolutions.
Tattooed or microchipped, that cracked me up!
nothing wrong with sweet and sappy.
happy love day!
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