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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Out and about

We're running up to Boulder to go to Celestial Seasonings, then we're going to eat dinner at Juanita's on the Pearl Street Mall.

So, there's not much time for blogging now, but my house will be empty most of the day if you wish to clean it. For once the laundry's caught up, but we need someone to poop scoop the cages for the guinea pigs and mice. If you're very lucky and very quick, it could be you!

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sorry I was out all day too. *sigh* and no one cleaned my house either. DH & DD were here all day and didn't do that for me. I could really use someone to clean the house for me this week.

Aunt Flow is being a real pain today. I so wish they wanted live donations for those transplants.
sorry for the TMI.
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