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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I believe it!

Human Voice Works Like a Jet Engine

Researchers have discovered an unlikely link between patterns of airflow in a jet engine and how the human larynx produces sound.
Obviously, these people have been around kids...

In other news, today is our anniversary, 15 years! Woohoo! Doesn't that sound grown up? I don't feel grownup, but I guess that will happen one of these days.


Congratulations on your Anniversary. Last night I teased DH "So you're planning something really special for our 15th Anniversary?" and he says "Yeah, right...I'm going to Hawaii." He's going for two weeks in August for work...lucky him!
Is this what researchers are paid to do? I should have been a researcher!
Well, my jet engine voice needs some major repairs!!

15 years!!
Congrats to you and your hubby.
Congrats on 15 years! That's awesome! Hope you celebrate it well! ;)
Congratulations, Jen and Davin! I'm so happy for you-- may it last forever.
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