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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Linda, by John DeAndrea

Linda, 1983 by John DeAndrea Denver Art Museum

We're going to meet up with some other homeschoolers today and visit the Denver Art Museum. It's one of the last days to see Linda.

To create Linda, the Colorado-based artist took a plaster mold directly from the body of a living model, then cast the form in polyvinyl. Next, he meticulously painted the surfaces, including such tiny details as freckles, before he finished off by applying natural hair, brows, and eyelashes—strand by strand. He once said, “If I could make it breathe I’d say, ‘I’ve done a good day’s work now.’”
I first saw "Linda" on a field trip in high school. She looked so real that I actually gasped as the sculpture came into view and I wasn't the only one. We were all spellbound, which wasn't that common for a group of angst-ridden teenage punker geeks.

So, if you're down at the DAM today, stop in to see Linda, and say howdy if you see the Horde in there!

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Incredible! Linda looks so real.
That is amazing!
I had no idea she wasn't real until I read your post.
Enjoy your trip to the museum!!

A side note: My hubby has been in CA for over a week now, and he informed me that he bought six boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The funny part was when he said, "I'm working on my third box now."
Thanks to the Girl Scouts of American for feeding my hubby. :)
That's amazing! How cool.
how've seen real people who don't look it (body worlds) and now fake people who do look real.
That's amazing. How weird it must be for the woman who modeled for this sculpture. Can you imagine watching yourself age while being able to go visit your youth any time? Weird.
that's almost freaky, she does look real, even from the pic. look at the toes!
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