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Monday, March 26, 2007

Still sick!

I'm starting to think we're cursed.

Everything looked like it was getting a little better over the weekend, and we went to church and everything. Today Anya and I have fevers again, and my throat is all swollen and yucky.

I'm sorry, this has become the most boring blog in the world lately. I don't even have the energy to catch up with everyone else. I promise when we're back up to speed, I'll start posting.

At least we don't have big abscesses in our butts, poor Anna Nicole...


Count your blessings, right?

Hope you all are feeling better soon!
I hope you get better soon...I miss ya'll!
That sucks! I think the virus I had last week is coming back today---all headachy again, and mucus-y. It seemed to hit my husband twice as well. Maybe this is the new trend in viruses.
Well, that's something at abscess? Ewwww...
I'm sorry to hear you are all sick. I didn't know. Sending Get-Better-Vibes through the DSL ;-)
I so sympathize. I think I was well for a week before the latest cold hit. Phooey. Hope you're all doing better soon.
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