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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WARNING: Under Quarantine!

Dang, apparently we really are totally sick!

After this crud just kept going on and on, I just decided to go in and have strep tests done. We don't have a lot of throat issues, but at this point I was desperate to get to the bottom of all this.

Of the 6 of us, only one didn't test positive. And, my bet is that she'll end up growing it out in her culture. They're treating her with antibiotics, too, since it's fairly likely she just got a false negative. (Interesting fact I learned from the doctor today: About 1 in 4 rapid strep tests return a false negative. Just like my kids' did! Good to know that at least according to this my family is fairly normal...)

After we heard back from the pediatrician's office, we headed over to the urgent care to get ours done, since it was after hours by then.

Davin tested positive and was given a prescription and allowed to go home.

My doctor said something you really just don't want to hear:

"Your strep test is positive, but that's not really your biggest problem right now."

Of course, if you've been reading here for long, you realize that I have all sort of problems, but I didn't really think they were THAT easy to tell by looking! I like to think I can pass among the sane population for at least a few minutes before people are on to me... ;-)

Sorry, going off-topic.

He said the my "biggest problem" was that I was dehydrated, and because of that I was tachycardic. In other words, my pulse rate was very high (at one point it was 137 bpm. Dang!)

So, I got 2 liters of IV fluid to help get me back to normal, and warnings that I was to continue drinking as much water as possible to catch the rest of the way up. So, I've been up all night peeing.

Oh, and on top of all that, I have a sinus infection, too.

It's good to know that all this whining I've been doing has the strong support of the medical community.

Lest you all think I forgot about you while I was at the Urgent Care, I took a photo of myself to show you! This is me and the arm the IV was in. I took the picture with Davin's camera phone in the other hand, then saved it and emailed it to myself so I could share it with you. Not bad, considering I couldn't bend one arm at all!

Jen on IV

Hopefully we'll all be feeling well and back on track sooner rather than later, I'll keep you updated!


OH no! I wondered where you had been!! Hope you are on the healing track soon!
Wow, it's a good thing you decided to go the doctor! I hope you all feel better soon!
Oh Jen! I hope you all get back to normal very quickly. And, by the way, it's better to drink during the day to avoid the night peeing. But you knew that already didn't you? ((Jen))
Paint a yellow cross on the door!

Hope you get better real soon, Jen!
Geez Louise! Hope you all feel better soon!
Get well - great pic!
Btw: Could tell you where hungry from my post in Rome - hope you find some good to eat LoL
Hope you are all better soon!
(and ouch, for the IV - I hate'em! so you have even more of my sympathy)
Blah! Poor things!'ve got to get more than one glass and fork!
I love that even on your "death bed"...okay, it was just a sick bed...but still you were thinking of us! I feel so loved.

Get better soon!

Thank goodness you are all on the road to healing now. Keep up the fluids, take your meds, & rest up.
Yuck. I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope you all feel better soon!
hope you're all feeling better!
Hee. My verification letters are "OMGJY"! I'm glad you got to the doc and that things are getting taken care of. I hate when I go tachycardic! (And I'm envious that you're still cute even when you're sick and in the doctor's office!)
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