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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We're alive!


We came back from our weekend away to kids that had gotten a LOT worse. Then it hit Davin, too, and I think it's coming for me but I'm avoiding it so far. So, I'm mostly doing nursing duties around here, and trying to keep up with our co-ops, etc, with whomever is able to attend that day.

So, give us a little longer, and hopefully we'll all be back up to speed!


We have been suffering alot this spring as well. It seems that I just keep playing nurse and mom at the same time. Hope you all get well soon.
OH NO! They were supposed to be all well when you came home. What happened?

I'm so sorry. I hope and pray that you're all 100% better tomorrow.
So sorry your family is under the weather.
What FUN to come home to!

I hope you can manage to avoid getting it!

Take care. Now, get some chicken soup on the stove, pronto!
It's the 25th.
I hope you're all healthy by now.
Yuck. Hope everyone is back on their feet by now!
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